No Marvel Fan Would Want Christopher Nolan Anywhere Near MCU After Robert Downey Jr.’s Answer

The film industry across the world has numerous impeccable and talented directors and filmmakers, but Christopher Nolan, along with a handful of others, is a league above the rest. From movies like Interstellar to his latest blockbuster Oppenheimer, Nolan always makes sure to deliver a masterclass no matter what project he takes.

Christopher Nolan
Christopher Nolan (image via Golden Globes | YouTube)

Also known for directing one of the best Batman movies of all time, Nolan was recently asked how the Marvel Cinematic Universe would have turned out had he been the one directing it. While he revealed he wouldn’t be too keen on using CGI, his interview partner Robert Downey Jr. gave a pretty interesting answer that would make Marvel fans keep Nolan away from MCU forever.

Christopher Nolan On Directing The First Avengers

Robert Downey Jr. and Christopher Nolan in WIRED's Interview
Robert Downey Jr. and Christopher Nolan in WIRED’s Interview

Christopher Nolan is meticulous, absolutely calculating, and extremely detail-oriented. So much so that he went on to use real blasts to showcase the atomic blast in his multiple Oscar-nominated film, Oppenheimer (via Entertainment Weekly). He even infamously took about 9 years to create one of the biggest films of his career, the BAFTA-winning Inception (via ScreenRant).

Furthermore, when it comes to runtimes, the filmmaker’s movies are well-known for having a long runtime. His Inception was 169 minutes long, The Dark Knight Rises 164 minutes long, while the atomic-bomb flick was 180 minutes long.

So when he was recently asked in WIRED’s The Web’s Most Searched Questions about how Avengers would have looked like had Nolan directed the MCU film instead of Joss Whedon, Robert Downey Jr. quickly quipped,

“If Christopher Nolan had directed The Avengers, we’d still be shooting it.”

While RDJ definitely said it as a joke, Marvel fans certainly had a fun time reacting to it. Many of them on the internet even agreed with Downey’s comments and stated the film would have turned out very different had Nolan been made in charge (via X).

Christopher Nolan Would Not Have Used CGI Had He Directed Avengers

A still from The Avengers (2012)
A still from Avengers (2012)

Christopher Nolan has proved that he is more than capable of creating what certain film critics call ‘real films’ as well as creating some of the finest superhero movies of all time. Even though it already has been years and we have witnessed newer and different takes on the Batman tale, Nolan’s Batman movies are still hailed as the best-ever film adaptations of the Gotham Knight

However, when it comes to Nolan directing the first Avengers movie, the superhero flick would look a lot different than what Whedon made and probably would not have fared as well since Nolan joked he wouldn’t have been too keen on using too much CGI.

Calling him directing Avengers a multiverse conundrum, he remarked,

“Having worked with you on Oppenheimer, it’d probably be a lot — too much Tony Stark. You’d [to RDJ] be running away with the movie a little bit. Even more. And not using CG — would you be prepared to get on one of those jetpacks, the ones they make for real?”

While we certainly would love to see more of RDJ’s Iron Man in Avengers or any other MCU movie, waiting years for the film seems a bit too exhausting but it might be exactly what Marvel needs to get back on its feet after its recent spectacularly failed box-office performances. Maybe Marvel should take this as a sign to have Nolan on board the MCU wagon.

Avengers can be streamed on Disney+.

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