Kevin Feige Has Debunked One Mystery About Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine With His Viral New Deadpool 3 Hat

Comic book fans have waited for decades to witness Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine don the classic costume onscreen after it was initially teased in The Wolverine (2013). Finally, the wait seemed over, with Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 3, as it was claimed that Jackman would wear his Wolverine mask in the film. 

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine
Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

However, with a lack of official confirmation from legitimate sources, the rumor was shut down by fans. But now, Kevin Feige wearing the Deadpool 3 hat at the 51st Saturn Awards, which showed both Deadpool and Wolverine’s masks, seemingly confirmed that Hugh Jackman’s character will appear in its classic comic book mask. 

Rumors Surrounding Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine Mask 

Hugh Jackman‘s Wolverine has always been the fan-favorite comic book mutant character from Marvel. Donning the classic yellow costume with his adamantium claws, in the comics, Jackman’s Wolverine is appreciated because of his incredible strength and fabulous personality. However, unfortunately, fans have always wanted to see Jackman in the classic Wolverine costume, as per comics. 

wolverine deadpool 3
Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in Deadpool 3

Unfortunately, after the look was initially teased in the 2013 Marvel movie, The Wolverine, it was never spoken of, ever again. But with Ryan Reynolds‘ Deadpool 3 approaching, which is going to feature Jackman’s Wolverine, fans found a ray of hope to see the actor don his classic comic book costume. In the posters and teased images, Jackman was finally spotted in the yellow Wolverine costume. 

Wolverine in the classic comic book costume
Rumors suggested that Deadpool 3 will feature Wolverine in the classic comic book costume

But what was missing in his costume was his Wolverine mask. Despite wearing the yellow comic book costume, Hugh Jackman was spotted without the mask. This sparked concerns among fans about whether Deadpool 3 will feature the ultimate Wolverine mask or just the yellow costume. Although trusted insiders confirmed that the movie will feature Jackman in the whole Wolverine costume, fans had their doubts due to the lack of official confirmation. 

Kevin Feige Debunked the Mystery With Deadpool 3 Hat 

Eventually, it seems Kevin Feige indirectly confirmed the rumor surrounding Hugh Jackman’s comic book costume. Appearing at the 51st Saturn Awards, on Sunday, February 4, Feige was spotted wearing the viral Deadpool 3 hat. And in that hat, the logo featured half of Deadpool and the other half of Wolverine’s face, which was spotted donning the mask. 

Kevin Feige wearing the viral Deadpool 3 hat at 51st Saturn Awards confirmed the costume rumor
Kevin Feige wearing the viral Deadpool 3 hat at 51st Saturn Awards confirmed the costume rumor

It seems the reliable insider was indeed right about Deadpool 3 featuring Hugh Jackman in the yellow and blue suit, which was a design pulled straight from the source material. Not only that, but also the iconic mask was said to appear in the movie. The reports initially originated after CanWeGetSomeToast shared the rumor on X. 

I can confirm with ABSOLUTE certainty that Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine will indeed have a comic-accurate mask with big fins AND white eyes in [Deadpool 3].

Following this rumor, netizens began debating on X about the veracity of the Wolverine mask appearing in Deadpool 3. But now, after Kevin Feige donned the Deadpool 3 hat, it seems he indirectly debunked the myth surrounding the Wolverine mask and indirectly confirmed that the third sequel of Ryan Reynolds’ film will feature Hugh Jackman’s character in the authentic comic book costume. 

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